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Shen Louyan and He Feng enlisted respectively in "Outstanding Engineer Program" and "Outstanding Young Engineer Program"of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

The Nonferrous Metals Society of China has announced recently the namelist of  the fourth "Outstanding Engineer Program" of 2022. Shen Louyan, the Chief Marketing and Operations Officer of Mining Sector and the Deputy Chief Engineer of China Nerin, was enlisted in the " Outstanding Engineer Program -- Science and Technology Award of Nonferrous Metals of China"; He Feng, the Manager of Metallurgical Business Unit, was enlisted in the "Outstanding Young Engineer Program --- Science and Technology Award of Nonferrous Metals of China".

China Nerin has been sticking to the strategy of prospering the company by talents for many years. By continuously improving the management of human resources, dynamically implementing the talent development program and strengthening the talent team construction, China Nerin has been intensifying the training system on the young and middle-aged engineers, and built a team of high-quality elites and young and middle-aged management and technical backbones, so as to bring outpouring vitality to the development of the company and the progress of the industry.

Ms. Shen Louyan is a design master of the national non-ferrous metal industry, Ph.D. of Wuhan University and former postdoc in Postdoctoral Mobile Station of Mining Engineering of Central South University (leaving the station with approval). She has been engaged in the operation of large mining and resource projects in Nerin for more than 30 years and has completed nearly 100 projects in the fields of mining safety, integrated utilization of solid waste resources, etc. She has won 6 national and provincial awards of progress in science and technology, 10 plus outstanding engineering design and consulting awards and 17 intellectual property rights. Also she has published 2 academic monographs and 50 plus papers. She was the editor-in-chief of 2 national technical standards and 2 provincial technical guidelines. In addition, she has received 8 honors of provincial and ministerial-level talent such as “National Outstanding Young Scientist in Nonferrous Metals”. She was ranked “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining" in 2020.

Mr. He Feng graduated from Central South University with a master’s degree in metallurgical engineering and currently is a doctoral candidate of the same university. He has been engaged in the operation of major non-ferrous metallurgical projects in Nerin and has delivered dozens of large projects including the Double Flash Project of Anhui Tongling Jinguan Copper Smelter, Philippines PASAR Copper Smelter Expansion Project of Glencore and Chinalco Southeast Copper. He has won 2 provincial and ministerial awards of progress in science and technology, nearly 10 engineering design consulting awards, and 10 intellectual property rights.